Fundraising materials

Please find below some guidance about fundraising for Canine Partners and some materials to help support you.

Whether you are doing a bucket collection in a shopping centre, a sponsored walk, or a black tie event, your donations will make a huge difference. Get started today and help us train more life changing assistance dogs.

The health and safety of you, the organiser and the public is a top priority and before any fundraising activity takes place, we ask you to please read the below guidance.

Please contact us on if you have any questions.

Fundraising Materials

Here you will find all you need to help you with your fundraising. We have lots of materials to help you publicise your fundraising and drum up some extra support!

You can download our Fundraising Guide here.

 Fundraising as an individual:

 Fundraising as a business, group or organisation:

  Canine Partners general information poster:

Some useful information about Canine Partners to help with your fundraising


Before you start your fundraising we have a few polite requests:

  • Please give your very best effort to raise the money you have committed to for us.
  • Please fundraise in a way that does not endanger or harm in any way yourself, any supporter or member of the public.
  • Please respect privacy and do not fundraise in a way that could be considered persistent or aggressive towards the public. Your actions will be linked to Canine Partners and our work, so please be mindful not to do anything that may bring the Canine Partners name and brand into disrepute.
  • When fundraising please ensure that you have the following information displayed: Canine Partners, registered Charity in England and Wales (803680) and Scotland (SC039050).
  • Our brand is very important to us, so please ask permission before using the Canine Partners logo or photos of our work by emailing you are a business wishing to use our branding as part of a promotion or would like to work with Canine Partners then please email
  • Please collect and pay all money raised as soon as you can, ideally within one month of your fundraising activity.
  • Please obtain prior approval from us before approaching any companies, press or celebrities to support your activity.
  • Please ensure you have signed the relevant paperwork for the use of collection boxes and selling of merchandise if required for your activity.

A few things we need to ask you not do:

  • Please do not carry out door-to-door collections or collect in any public place without speaking with us first.
  • Please do not collect on private property (including shops, pubs etc) without first obtaining the permission of the owner.
  • Please do not hold any other type of raffle, lottery or prize draw without speaking to us first. More information on raffles can be found below.
  • Please do not sell alcohol at any event without having the appropriate license.
  • Please do not sell goods or services using the Canine Partners name or logo without contacting us first.

Please also be aware that:

  • Canine Partners cannot take responsibility for any losses or harm made through your activity or liability arising from your activity.
  • Please only use the Canine Partners branded fundraising materials (in print and electronic form) that have been supplied to you, for the specific activity you have requested it for.
  • You must let us know at the earliest possible opportunity if you have to cancel your activity or withdraw from a Canine Partners organised activity as soon as you can.
  • We reserve the right to ask you to cease fundraising at any time if we believe that your fundraising is unsafe or may cause harm to anyone or to our name or brand reputation.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw our support from your fundraising activity if we do not deem it to be safe, lawful and respectful.

Raising funds online

If you would like to raise money from your event, you can collect donations by setting up an online giving page so people can sponsor you online. There are many ways to do this, the most popular is Just Giving. If you would like help setting up an online fundraising page, please get in touch with us.

Keep it safe and legal

When you organise your own fundraising event in aid of Canine Partners, you are responsible for making sure it does not pose any risks to others. We would recommend you do a risk assessment and you may need to consider taking out public liability insurance for events such as sponsored walks or runs, which will protect you against claims made by third parties. In most cases it is unlikely that Canine Partners’ own insurance policy will cover an event that you have organised.

For more information, visit the Fundraising Regulator’s website.

If you are planning a fundraising event for children, please also visit the Fundraising Regulator’s website.

Lotteries (including raffles)

Lotteries (including raffles) are complex and the most highly regulated form of fundraising for the sector. Holders of both large and small society lottery licences have to meet a significant number of compliance requirements under the terms of the license they hold, including meeting conditions regarding safeguarding, age verification and statutory reporting on proceeds.

Only one small lottery licence can be held by a charity or society organisation, and Canine Partners’ license is held by Chichester District Council the local authority where our Head Office is located. Canine Partners does not authorise anyone else to apply for a license in our name.

Groups or individuals who would like to raise funds from a raffle are able to do so by running an ‘Incidental Lottery’. An Incidental Lottery does not require a specific license and is when the raffle tickets are sold on the same day as the draw or at the event, usually at the location of the draw or event. No raffle tickets may be sold in advance of the event. The Gambling Commission is a useful source of information on Incidental Lotteries and if you have any questions regarding lotteries or raffles for Canine Partners, please email

After your activity, event or challenge

We would love to hear how your event or challenge went and we would especially love to see any pictures! Make sure you let us know on social media  and send photos through to us at

Don’t forget to let everyone know how it went, what you raised, and thank those who helped and supported you.

Thank you for choosing to support Canine Partners

Get in touch

Contact us with any questions or for advice about fundraising.

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