What our dogs do

Canine partners are carefully matched to the applicants’ needs and lifestyle, no matter how challenging. They are trained to help with everyday tasks such as opening and closing doors, unloading the washing machine, picking up dropped items, pressing buttons and switches and fetching help in an emergency. They can even help people to get undressed and remove a card from an ATM!

How our amazing dogs transform lives

A canine partner assists with everyday tasks which are difficult, painful or impossible for individuals with a disability to perform, such as:

  • helping with undressing
  • loading and unloading the washing machine
  • retrieving or picking up dropped items
  • helping with the shopping
  • retrieving money and card from a cash machine
  • opening and closing doors
  • pressing a pedestrian crossing or lift button
  • fetching help in an emergency

Did you know?

Our dogs can even:

  • put their own food bowls in the sink
  • help turn their disabled partner over in bed
  • tidy their own toys away
  • help strip the bed
  • flush the toilet

Some of our amazing dogs even help other four-legged members of the family by letting the cat in and out!

Canine partners also provide many psychological and social benefits such as:

  • increased independence, confidence, motivation and self-esteem
  • companionship, security and unconditional love
  • a talking point, increasing social interaction
  • helping to return to work, voluntary positions or further education
  • reducing reliance on human carers and, in some cases, medication