Apply to rehome a dog

A small number of dogs are withdrawn from our training programme each year. These dogs may require additional support and training once in their new home or have health issues that make them unsuitable for a life as an assistance dog. However, we know that these dogs can make loving pet dogs.

We will also at times have older retired canine partner dogs to rehome; these dogs have been out working and are now looking for a retirement home to put their feet up. Older dogs make wonderful companions, although will often have associated health problems that come with old age.

We accept applications from all backgrounds including homes where a family member has a physical disability, as we know the positive impact the companionship of a pet dog can have.

When applying to rehome one of our dogs you need to consider that they may have ongoing training needs or health conditions that will require continuing cover through an approved insurance provider.

Before applying please, consider the following:

  • Canine Partners or an approved volunteer will carry out a home visit
  • Your application and home environment will be assessed to ensure suitability for the dog’s temperament and long-term care. As part of this we will require to meet all family members prior to rehoming
  • A minimum donation applies to rehome one of our dogs
  • You will need to live within a 50-mile radius of our National Training Centre near Osgathorpe, Leicestershire

The 50-mile radius is to ensure that our rehomed dogs are within easy reach so that we can offer any support required during the rehoming process. As a charity, the dog’s welfare is paramount and it is not cost or time effective to travel longer distances to provide this support.

If you are willing to take on an older dog, a dog with health conditions or a dog with more complex training needs, and are beyond the 50-mile radius, then please still enquire. Consideration of an application may be subject to what dogs are looking for forever homes, and the staff support in your area. We currently have a small number of dogs near our National Training Centre that need specific homes, so application for these dogs will also be on the provision you can attend our training centre in Leicestershire to meet the dog.

If you are not quite ready to apply, visit our FAQs section to find out more.

Canine partner assistance dog

Fully jacketed assistance dogs with public access rights. Suitable for those who need assistance within the home and in public.

Canine home assistance

Highly trained dogs placed with disabled adults to provide practical support and assistance in the home but not in public.

Canine companion

Dogs placed in a home where there is an adult or a child with a physical disability or condition who would benefit from the companionship and emotional support.

Alternatively, if you need assistance dog support for a different disability, condition or impairment, please visit the ADUK website where various assistance dog charities cater for many different needs and requirement.