Our Impact

At Canine Partners we are committed to continually improving the services we offer and increasing the impact we make.

Our research provides insight into the difference our services make in the lives of the disabled people we support. This enables us to provide the best possible experience for our beneficiaries, and confidence that the income we raise helps disabled people live their life to the full. We actively seek out ways to create greater impact and collaborate to measure the changes we make.

Impact stories

Meet Aimee and Jordan

My name is Aimee and I have Cerebral Palsy. It affects my mobility in my legs and the right side of body. I was born 11 weeks early at 29 weeks, weighing a tiny 2.11 lbs. My disability is mainly physical but my life became very isolated and lonely. I went to college but found … read more

Meet Fiona and Verlin

Fiona Airey was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome in 2010. Fiona, who is a primary school teacher, saw her confidence diminished by the vulnerable position that her condition put her in. Fiona, who lives in Essex, said: “By 2001 I had started my career in teaching and I was very nervous about walking around school … read more

Meet Sean and Lucas

This MS Awareness week, Canine Partners is sharing the life-changing impact that their canine partner assistance dogs provide to people living with Multiple Sclerosis.… read more

Meet Nicki and Liggy

Sharing the life-changing impact our assistance dogs provide to disabled people, their families, friends and communities.… read more

We measure impact in ten different ways

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Care needs supported
Emotional well-being
Physical well-being
Sense of safety
Social inclusion

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