Partnership Case Studies

There are hundreds of people with disabilities across the UK partnered with our dogs, each with a different story to tell about how their lives have been enhanced by our amazing canine partners.

Some of our partnerships

We have more than 300 partnerships currently working across the UK, each with a unique story about how their life has been transformed by a canine partner. If you would like to use a partnership case study in the media please contact our communications team on 07341 564 706. Alternatively, email

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Meet Wren and Darcey

My name is Wren and I’m partnered with seven-year-old Golden Retriever, Darcey – I’m 31 years old and I live in Hampshire. Since I was a child, I’ve struggled with health problems, but I didn’t become disabled until later in life. In 2012, I had a bout of glandular fever. Following on from that I … read more

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Stephen’s story

Stephen Brookes, 44   In 2008, my world changed dramatically when a motorbike accident left me with a life-changing spinal cord injury. I am paralysed from the shoulders down, which means that I need to use a wheelchair full-time and require 24-hour care.   I had served in the Royal Navy for 15 years, a life that … read more

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Meet James and Spud

James, 81, was partnered with canine partner Spud in June 2018. This is his story.  My name is James and I have Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyradiculoneuropathy. My disability affects my limbs, with no movement below the ankle and very limited dexterity in my hands. I get very tired and suffer with pain in my joints.  … read more

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