Facts and Figures

Our latest figures

  • We have 448 working partnerships across the UK
  • We have created a total of 886 partnerships since we were founded
  • In 2020 so far we have created 1 partnership.
  • We currently have around 71 applicants on our waiting list.
    Read more about applying for a canine partner here.
  • We have 130 puppies out with puppy parents at the moment.
  • We have 15 broods and currently 40% of puppies placed with puppy parents are bred by Canine Partners
  • Over the last 3 years 70% of our dogs passed their training.
  • The average age of the people who come to us for a canine partner is 44.6
  • We have a total of 9 dual dogs (4 dual guide dogs and 5 dual hearing dogs) across the UK (those that are trained as Canine Partners and/or Hearing Dogs and Guide Dogs)

Facts about the Charity

  • Canine Partners was founded in 1990
  • More than 1.2 million people in the UK use a wheelchair
  • We currently place 78 dogs a year
  • We currently receive around 1,000 requests for application packs each year
  • Training takes 20­-24 months from puppy to partnership
  • We currently have 13 puppy training groups around the country
  • We have one centre in West Sussex and another centre in Leicestershire
  • Each dog costs £20,000 from selection as a puppy to retirement at approximately 12 years of age. That’s £4.56 a day
  • The Charity receives no government funding and relies on donations from the public, businesses and charitable trusts and legacies
  • There are over 100 puppies with puppy parents at any one time
  • We have 40+ dogs in advanced training at any one time
  • We have a network of aftercare assistants that look after all our partnerships until the end of the dogs’ working lives
  • We aim to train dogs for people with even the most complex disabilities, including members of HM Armed Forces
  • We work closely with Help for Heroes, the Royal British Legion and other service organisations in providing canine partners to injured servicemen and women
  • We are members of COBSEO, the Confederation of Service Charities, Veterans Scotland and Assistance Dogs International

Creating a working partnership

Each unique partnership costs £20,000 from selection as a puppy right through to the dog’s retirement -­ that’s £4.56 a day, across 12 years.

Puppy selection and training ­ £5,000

This includes:

  • purchase of a puppy from a breeder
  • training equipment, toys, vets bills, insurance, transport
  • the first year of training with a volunteer puppy parent under the guidance of one of our puppy trainers

Advanced dog training ­ £5,000

This includes:

  • training equipment, toys, vets bills, insurance, transport
  • health and suitability assessments of the dog
  • advanced training at one of our centres

Partnership creation and training ­ £4,000

This includes:

  • assessment and training of an applicant
  • tailored training of the dog to the applicant’s individual needs
  • a two­-week residential course at one of our centres where applicants are taught how to manage, care for and continue training their dogs
  • applicants care needs fulfilled throughout the on site training course

Aftercare and support ­ £6,000

This includes:

  • On-going regular home visits, telephone support and advice from our network of aftercare assistants, for the lifetime of the partnership