Where your money goes

OJCanine Partners relies on donations and legacies to fund the creation of its life-transforming partnerships.

We were founded in 1990 and since then we have created hundreds of partnerships. Your generous donations help us to train and partner our dogs with individuals on our waiting list.

Find out how you can get involved or make a donation and help transform someone’s life today.

Did you know…

It takes around 18 months to train one of our amazing canine partners

We place dogs with adults with physical disabilities across the whole of the UK

It costs £30,000 from puppy selection to dog retirement for every partnership

For every £1 you donate

75p is spent on:

  • carefully selecting our puppies
  • specialist training to become assistance dogs
  • assessing hundreds of potential applicants on our waiting list
  • supporting partnerships across the UK and in future
  • governance

25p is spent on:

  • fundraising and generating awareness

How your donations make a difference...

Every donation, big or small, helps us continue to transform the lives of people with physical disabilities. Here are some examples of how your donation can help:


could help pay for a tasty pack of treats to help train our puppies


could pay for a set of grooming equipment for a dog in training


could help pay for ongoing support and a 24 hour hotline for our partnerships


could help provide a week of care and training for a dog living on site during advanced training


could pay for dog food and insurance for a dog whilst in advanced training


could pay for essential equipment for a puppy starter pack

Creating a partnership

Each partnership costs £30,000 from selection as a puppy right through to the dog’s retirement – that’s approximately £6.85 per day over the lifetime of the partnership.


Puppy selection and training - £7,500

This includes:

  • recruitment of a puppy
  • training equipment, toys, vet bills, insurance and transport
  • the first year of training with a volunteer under the guidance of one of our puppy instructors

Advanced dog training - £6,500

This includes:

  • training equipment, toys, vet bills, insurance and transport
  • on-site kennelling at one of our training centres
  • specialist training by one of our advanced trainers
Elaine & CP Bentley

Partnership creation and training - £6,000

This includes:

  • assessment and training of an applicant on our waiting list
  • a two-week residential training course at one of our centres to teach applicants how to manage, care for and continue training their dogs. 24 hour care is provided to the individuals whilst they attend these courses.
CP Leia

Aftercare and support - £10,000

This includes:

  • ongoing regular home visits, telephone support and advice from our network of aftercare assistants for the working lifetime of the partnerships