Where your money goes

CaninePartners-443 low resAs Canine Partners receives no government funding, we rely solely on public donations and legacies to keep creating these life-transforming partnerships.

Since we began in 1990 we have created hundreds of partnerships, and your generous donations help us to keep providing assistance dogs to those who will benefit from their everyday support.

We have lots of very deserving people on our waiting list, who want a canine partner to help them regain their independence, but we can only help them with your support. See how you can get involved or make a donation and transform someone’s life today.

Did you know…

It takes 20 to 24 months to train one of our amazing canine partners

We place dogs with people with disabilities across the whole of the UK

We aim to train more dogs and transform more lives with every year that goes by

For every £1 you donate

Breakdown of where each £1 is spent that is donated to Canine Partners

78p is spent on:

  • choosing amazing puppies
  • specially training puppies to become assistance dogs
  • assessing hundreds of potential applicants
  • supporting partnerships across the UK
  • governance

22p is spent on:

  • fundraising and generating awareness

For more information see our 2014 Annual Review

How all donations make a big difference...

Every donation, big or small, helps Canine Partners continue to transform the lives of people with disabilities. Here are some examples of how your donation can help:


Could pay for a tasty treat to help our pups during training


Could pay for a set of dog grooming equipment


Could pay for a bed for one of our dogs in training


Could pay for advanced training equipment for our dogs


Could pay to train a dog to unload a washing machine


Could pay for essential equipment for a puppy starter pack

Creating a partnership

Each partnership costs £20,000, from selection as a puppy right through to the dog’s retirement – that’s approximately £4.56 a day, over the twelve years.

Canine Partners puppy in training sniffing

Puppy selection and training - £5,000

This includes:

  • purchase of a puppy from a breeder
  • training equipment, toys, vet bills, insurance, transport
  • the first year of training with a volunteer puppy parent under the guidance of one of our puppy trainers
Demo dog Doyle holding a crutch in his mouth

Advanced dog training - £5,000

This includes:

  • training equipment, toys, vet bills, insurance, transport
  • health and suitability assessments of the dog
  • advanced training at one of our training centres
Canine Partners partnership Lizzie and Harvey-Nics

Partnership creation and training - £4,000

This includes:

  • assessment and training of an applicant
  • tailored training of the dog to the applicant’s individual needs
  • a two-week residential course at one of our centres where applicants are taught how to manage, care for and continue training their dogs. 24 hour care is provided for the applicants while they attend these courses.
Canine Partners dog sat down sat looking to their left

Aftercare and support - £6,000

This includes:

  • ongoing regular home visits, telephone support and advice from our network of aftercare assistants, for the working lifetime of the partnership