Our National Training Centre

National Training Centre – Osgathorpe, Leicestershire

The site is ours - October 2014

Our National Training Centre currently has the following facilities:

  • A main arena which is used on a day-to-day basis for advanced training but can also be used for Partnership Ceremonies, Information Sessions and assessments
  • A small arena which is used for assessments, training of our assistance dogs in advanced training and puppy training classes
  • Partnership residential accommodation that is fully accessible for people with disabilities, plus rooms for carers
  • Office space for our small team, co-ordinating our work in the Midlands
  • Meeting rooms which are used for meetings, presentations and lectures
  • Kennelling facilities were completed in early 2020 and can house up to 40 dogs at a time. The kennels also have a veterinary room, grooming area, a quarantine area in case of infection and are temperature controlled for optimal comfort at all times
  • Bungalow which is used by staff for overnight duties and also for advanced training in a home-like environment
  • Outdoor space for training and free running of our dogs