Our education supporters

For ideas and inspiration on what you can do, see how our education supporters have supported us…

The 'Sibsters' from East Yorksire

Three siblings holding Canine Partners charity buckets

Three selfless siblings have raised an amazing £1,200 for our charity by selling their old toys and clothes, holding a raffle, bag packing at their local superstore and by asking their school to hold a non-uniform day.... read more

Billingshurst Cubs

Billingshurst cubs fusses meet and great dog Jenson

Billingshurst Cubs recently enjoyed a Canine Partners talk and meet and greet with golden retriever Jenson. Each member of the group are filling a bone with one pound coins for us this year.... read more

Thomas's School Fulham

Thomas's School Fulham pupils in assembly

Thomas's London Day School in Fulham chose us as their Charity of the Year for the 2015-2016 school year. So far the school have been busy selling ice creams, making and filling dog kennel moneyboxes and much more.... read more

Crofton School

Canine Partners assistance dog and handler at Crofton School

Crofton School have integrated a Canine Partners educational talk into their year 8 curriculum and our charity has a regular presence in the school.... read more

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