Recycle used postage stamps

Donate your stamps

Please donate your stamps to Canine Partners and help us transform the lives of people living with physical disabilities in the UK.

We are calling upon companies, schools and individuals from across the UK to collect and donate stamps and help us raise vital funds.

Canine Partners receives up to £6 per kilo, based on condition. Special stamps are valued separately.

Before sending your stamps:

  • Please carefully cut away any excess paper, leaving approximately 1cm around the stamp when cutting off the envelope, avoiding any damage to the stamp itself and place in an envelope before posting.
  • Please do not send a letter, a monetary donation or any personal details with your donated stamps.
  • This is a 3rd party led activity so no receipt will be sent out when stamps are received.
  • If you wish to make a monetary donation to Canine Partners, please click here for ways to donate.
  • If you have any questions regarding donating stamps or would like to receive a thank you letter for your donation, please contact our fundraising team by emailing with the details of who you would like to be thanked.

Where to send your stamps:

Please send your stamps to the following address:

Canine Partners Stamp Appeal
PO BOX 16992
Sutton Coldfield
B73 9YA

Your donated stamps are collected and processed by Recycling for Good Causes, on behalf of Canine Partners.

Frequently asked questions:

How is the money raised from recycling stamps?

All donated stamps are sorted & graded, then separated into different categories; commemoratives, definitive & foreign to be sold to collectors.

How much money is raised through recycling stamps?

Canine Partners receives up to £6 per kilo, based on condition. Special stamps are valued separately.

Can I receive a thank you for sending in stamps?

Yes, please email to request a stamp donation thank you.

Can I donate my first day covers, collections or albums?

Yes, we can accept donations of first day covers, collections and albums. We send these to a local specialist who provides a valuation to the charity, sells them at auction and makes a donation to Canine Partners.

Can I drop my stamps to your training centres?

Yes, stamps can be dropped off at our National Training Centre. There are black bins located in the reception area at both centres clearly marked for stamp donations. To find your local training centre, please click here.

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