Dog Wellbeing Strategy – Ethical Statement

At Canine Partners we aim for our dogs to thrive physically, mentally and emotionally within their roles and throughout their lives.

We spend time learning about each dog as an individual. We carefully observe how they communicate so we can understand what they do and do not enjoy. This allows us to learn what motivates them and prevents them undergoing training and experiences that are not the right fit for them.

We use science based, positive reinforcement techniques, so that training is a rewarding experience for each of the dogs and the people involved in their journey. We utilise both consent and choice based practices, evidenced to promote confidence and relationship building.

Canine Partners will ensure that our dogs live full and enriched lives by providing for their species-specific welfare needs and continually monitoring their wellbeing.

Updated 12 July 2023


Visual asset policy

As part of the development of the Dog Wellbeing Strategy, Canine Partners is evolving its approach to visual assets, particularly photography and video taken by Canine Partners staff and directly commissioned associates, that feature Canine Partners’ puppies and dogs. These images are vital in enabling Canine Partners to raise much-needed awareness and income, to recruit and maintain volunteer support and to communicate about the charity, using a wide range of channels, to a wide variety of stakeholder audiences and the general public. Canine Partners website, social media and YouTube channels and printed materials all display such images and videos and they represent many years of significant investment in time and financial resource to acquire them.

Approach to acquiring image assets

As new images and videos are commissioned and acquired by Canine Partners, every effort will be made to ensure that the wellbeing of puppies and dogs participating in photoshoots and filming is a priority, including ensuring there is a dog wellbeing advocate present at film and photoshoots.  Canine Partners will approve for use the resulting image assets for use by Canine Partners on Canine Partners official communications channels, with the welfare and wellbeing of the animal in mind.

Managing existing & new images

Existing and photograph and video assets will continue to be visible on all Canine Partners communications channels and platforms. On Canine Partners controlled assets, such as Canine Partners website/s and printed materials, older images or video will be phased out and replaced over time, as new assets are developed. Priority will be given to phasing out and replacing those assets that no longer meet the standards of Canine Partners current or latest Wellbeing Policy or Ethical Statement and the organisation will transition to the use of alternative image assets over time and as resources allow. Images shared through digital channels, or that exist in printed form, are difficult to control once published, due to their shareable and durable nature. Canine Partners has made the decision not to expend charitable resources in attempting to recall, delete or remove outdated images already in circulation, but to ensure that the focus remains on good practice in acquiring images going forward.

Updated 20 February 2023