Rehoming FAQs

What age/breed are the dogs up for rehoming?

We only train Golden retrievers, Labradors and crosses between the two and the majority of dogs up for rehoming are between 12 and 18 months.

Why have the dogs been withdrawn?

Dogs are withdrawn from the training program for a number of different reasons; typically these will be health or behaviour related. Whilst they are not suited to becoming a Canine Partner they can be a perfect pet dog. Most common health conditions include; joint problems and allergies/skin conditions. Typical behaviours that would make them an unsuitable working dog include; sensitivities, distractions, low motivation, too energetic etc.

What criteria must I meet to rehome a dog?

You must live within a 50 mile radius of either of our training centres (Southern Centre – Midhurst, West Sussex or Midlands Centre – Osgathorpe, Leicestershire). You must have permission to keep animals from a landlord if you rent your property, if you work full time you must be able to prove how you can care for the dog whilst you are at work, you must have access to a suitable outdoor area to toilet/exercise the dog.

How does the rehoming process work/ how long will I wait?

Once you have enquired and are within our 50 mile radius, we will send you out an application form and once this is returned, we will review it to see if you are a suitable candidate to rehome one of our dogs. If we feel you will not be suitable, you will be notified that your application has been declined. You will be notified and added to our waiting list if you are successful. We will then look to see which dogs are available for rehoming and if they match your requirements. This is not done on a first come first served basis as some dogs and some people will have more specific requirements. Therefore waiting times can vary we aim to match the dog to the most suitable family.

How much does it cost to rehome a dog?

We ask for a minimum donation of £500.

Are the dogs neutered and microchipped?

Yes all of our dogs are neutered and microchipped as standard.

How much is it likely to cost should I rehome a dog with a health issue?

All of our dogs are insured and any existing health conditions should be covered by their current insurance policy. This can then be transferred over to you and you will receive a quote to take on the policy. However if you prefer you may shop around to find an alternative policy. (Please bear in mind with an alternative insurer pre-existing conditions may not be covered).

Do you ever have any older/retired dogs up for rehoming?

Very occasionally we do but if you specifically only want an older dog the waiting time will be considerably longer.

Will a withdrawn Canine Partner be able to assist my disabled/elderly relative?

All of our withdrawn dogs are rehomed as pets only; this means they will have no additional access rights in public places. Most will have some level of training however we would not expect them to work in the home.

Will I receive any ongoing support/aftercare once I’ve rehomed a dog?

You will be given all relevant history and information regarding the dog. We will be able to answer any questions or concerns that you have throughout the rehoming process. Once you’ve taken the dog home we will contact you within the first week. We will provide you with contact details for the rehoming officers and if necessary we can arrange a follow up visit. It is recommended that you enrol in a local dog training class if you are experiencing any problems as this is a great way for you and your new dog to learn together.

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