Meet Liz and Thelma

Hey, my name is Thelma though people often call me Thellie for short and I am a black Labrador.  I started my journey as a Canine Partner when I was 8 weeks old. I had so many wonderful kind and caring traits I was specially chosen to be a Mum to future assistance dogs so I joined the Canine Partners Breeding Programme. Unfortunately, covid hit and I had one small litter and then I struggled to get pregnant again. But luckily for me because of my kind and loving nature I moved into another role…

So this is where my career change came in to become a Dog Ambassador. My handler, Liz, was doing some fostering for the Breeding Team but when I came into her life she officially joined the Breeding Team and now also supports Charity dog fostering as well as being part of the Dog Ambassador Team with me.

I love doing shake hands (offering a paw as it is known to some people). Though I do like to get a little for reward for it!

When I am not raising awareness and raising vital funds at event my favourite thing to do is go for a wonderful swim – I’m really quite good at it. Liz says I am also very good at truffle hunting when it’s the season for it.

Liz has now been with the Charity for 6 years and has thoroughly enjoyed the many pivotal roles she has had the privilege of doing: though I think I am the best one yet.


I look forward to meeting you at our events and giving lots of cuddles. Make sure you keep an eye out on our social media to see what I get up too 😊