Meet Laura and OJ

Hi everyone, I am OJ, a fun, loving, cheeky Labrador. I joined the Dog Ambassador Team because I LOVE dogs and I was a bit of an opportunist at home making me a bit difficult to manage, meaning no food or bin was safe from my scoping nose. But I am SUPER bright and offered so much potential. My handler, Laura, was a very skilled Advanced Trainer for the charity and she decided she would like an Ambassador Dog to help her with her role in assessing our applicants, so she took me on and with a lot of patience and love we made a great team. I slowly improved in the home but thrived in my newfound role.

I adore shutting the washing machine door when we do demos, I just love how when I push it with my nose it closes with such might. I feel like a super dog! When I’m not working showing off my skills, I used to love doing agility. Now I am a little older, I have become a more distinguished gentleman and enjoy lying in the sun with a frozen treat. I mean could there be anything better?! Food and sun are a great combination. I do love food and it is one of my biggest motivators.

My handler, Laura, is now the Applications Manager for Canine Partners, so she thinks it is great fun for me that I get to work with applicants on their assessment days, as well as sharing the message of the charity and raising vital funds. This is a little of what she had to say about the charity and the team:

“I have been with the charity for over 11 years, starting as the first Advanced Trainer recruited to work from our National Training Centre. I have seen the centre grow and develop, as have I in my roles within the charity. I love being a Dog Ambassador handler as it is a way I can voluntarily support the charity, and I enjoy visiting the many events OJ and I get to attend. Seeing OJ flourish in his role and work with so many people, has been an honour and privilege.”

I hope to see you soon at one of our amazing events or perhaps on one of our assessment days.