Meet Ewen and Vimto

Hello to you all! I’m Vimto – Yellow Labrador (3/4) x Golden Retriever (1/4) though I’ll be honest, there isn’t much Golden Retriever to me apart from adding to my devilishly handsome looks! I am very much Labrador through and through. The plan was for me to become a jacketed assistance dog. However, my recall needed a high amount of management, and it was too much to expect a partner to manage – we must remember my job is to make someone’s life easier and offer more independence. My expert trainers worked very hard on reducing my recall issues and whilst it reduced drastically, it was still going to be a bit challenging. So this is where my forever home came in… Obviously my handsome looks, loveable and cheeky character were too good to lose so joining the Dog Ambassador Team was the new life for me.

Ewen, my handler, has been an avid supporter and advocate for many years. He started his journey with Canine Partners as an advanced training Fosterer volunteer – this is where the dogs go out to live with families at weekends or weekdays. Ewen quickly became an integral part of the fostering community and helped the Advanced Trainers to coordinate what dogs went where. He then started helping coordinate foster families and dogs through all stages of training. He then met me and the rest they say is history! We get to go to lots of events together including many school assemblies – Ewen does a lot of talks for the charity too.

My favourite task is closing doors – I really do love doing it with a lot of gusto. When I am not closing doors and highlighting the vital jobs my colleagues do, I enjoy a lovely long walk either on the beach or in the countryside.

If you’re ever down south or live near me, come at say hello to me if I am at one of our events – check out our events page to see where I may be!