Meet Claire and Melvin

Hi, I am Melvin! I had the absolute privilege of being a jacketed canine partner for a few years. Unfortunately, the health of my partner declined and I found my way back to Canine Partners. Due to my own health management, I found myself in the wonderful hands of my handler Claire and the Dog Ambassador Team.

Claire has worked at Canine Partners for over 20 years, doing various operational roles and is currently Aftercare Manager. She has always been involved with fostering dogs and has taken part in the Dog Ambassador Team alongside working. When we aren’t at events highlighting the wonderful work dogs like myself can do for people, you will find us on a lovely walk and, even better, at a beach. I love nothing more than going for a paddle, digging a large hole, and stopping off at the local cafe for a snooze and to meet the locals.

I really hope to see lots of you soon to show off my skills, especially taking the duvet off Claire and helping her up and out the bed – it is just so much fun!