Little Life-Changers Appeal

You can help to train more little life-changers to become incredible assistance dogs.

The smallest things can make the biggest difference! It takes months of dedication and hard work to transform a lively little puppy into one of our life-changing dogs who bring support, companionship and independence to people with physical disabilities. These partnerships are life changing, but they don’t happen overnight.

Puppies like Gregg don’t realise how important they will grow up to be. Gregg not only helps with physical tasks, but provides emotional wellbeing and support. He is part of the family, a best friend and the first smiley face his partner sees when she wakes up every morning.

At 8 weeks old, Gregg was eager to learn his new core skills of ‘touch’, ‘tug’ and ‘retrieve’. He was already a confident little puppy whose cheeky character would be the perfect match for his future partner, making her laugh and lifting her spirits even on the hardest of days.


In 2018 Gregg passed his training with flying colours and was matched with Rebecca – it was love at first sight! 4 years on, Rebecca says she still finds it hard to explain just how much of a difference Gregg’s made to her life by helping her do everyday things that most people wouldn’t think twice about. Gregg has helped Rebecca to re-build her self-esteem, giving her more confidence and control to live the life she wants.

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