Meet Amy Martin – Virtual London Marathon Runner 2021

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Amy took part in the Virtual London Marathon in 2021to raise vital funds for Canine Partners. This is her fundraising story.

Amy, from Shropshire undertook part the Virtual London Marathon in 2021 to raise funds for Canine Partners, as she saw the amazing impact Canine Partner Questa had on her mum, Hazel’s life.

Canine Partner Questa, who sadly passed away earlier this year, changed Hazel’s life with the physical and emotional support that she offered, helping with everyday tasks and giving Hazel the independence she needed to live her life to full.

“I was amazed when I got the call from Canine Partners to say that I had got a place in the Virtual London Marathon. I was so nervous, as I have never ran before and was worried that I wouldn’t be up to the challenge.

“However seeing my mum with her canine partner Questa gave me all the motivation I needed! Questa was a life saver for my mum giving her the confidence to go out and be independent.

“I wanted to give someone else the chance of having their lives changed like Mum’s was. I began to run the couch to 5k in January and gradually built up the miles over the 10 months to the marathon. Each time I felt like I couldn’t do it I pictured Questa and it gave me the determination to keep going.

“My Mum and I raised money by asking friends, family and people at work to donate. We also organised a village litter pick, a BBQ auction day, a fun village dog show and a tombola. I was hoping to raise about £500 but we managed to raise an incredible £2439.

“I was so excited on marathon day but also worried in case I let Canine Partners down by not finishing. People were brilliant on the day, cheering me on and encouraging me and every 5 miles I got to run past mum and Questa at my motivation station which kept me going.

“As I crossed the finish line I felt so proud of what I had achieved and felt so much more fitter and healthier than I did in January. I had even lost 2 stone!

“What made it even better was receiving the congratulations and thank-you letter from Gemma at Canine Partners telling me that the money raised was helping to train a Canine Partner for someone- that made me feel so delighted and proud of what I had achieved!”

Do you think you could take on this world famous challenge of running the Virtual London Marathon in your local are and raise funds and help us build our future and create more incredible partnerships like Hazel and Questa?

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