100 Tuggy Toys for puppies in training

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100 Tuggy Toys for puppies in training

We would like to say a massive thank you to our volunteers Mel, Jane and Harriet for their amazing work in creating a huge amount of tuggy toys for our dogs in training!

A special thanks goes out to St Peter’s Church, Mancestter where the community donated fleece blankets, jackets and dressing gowns to help us volunteers complete their tuggy toy mission. The fabric donated was used to make an incredible 118 tuggy toys! These toys are now on their way to our Puppy Parent volunteers!

There is even some fabric left over so the mission continues!…

Thank you to everyone involved!

Photos of Melanie & Harriet, with her Canine Partner Fevro, plus OJ & Myrtle, Canine Partner Dog Ambassadors.


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