A puppy called Lockdown: Episode 6

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Meet Lockdown, a puppy destined for great things.

I can’t wait to tell you what happened today. I watched something really amazing happen with my sister Hope.

After days and days of warm sunshine it was raining and dull so we were all inside. Click and Collect were dragging all the toys into a big pile in the middle of our pen, apart from the one that Furlough had decided she had to sleep with, and Netflix was trying to get our attention without much luck when we heard a new noise coming from one of the other rooms in the house. It wasn’t scary, but it did make me feel kind of quiet and not quite right. Mummy Faith wasn’t with us but she came in and sniffed us all and Zoom and I could tell she was checking us a bit more than usual.

The little hoomans were outside so we knew it wasn’t them making the noise and then it went a bit quieter anyhow so we went back to ear-chewing and important paw-boxing.

Footsteps made us look up. Was it time to go outside now?

One of the big hoomans stroked Faith then stepped into our pen and sat down in the middle of us all. When I looked closely I could see that their face was all blotchy and red and their eyes were puffy. They kept wiping the rain falling down their face – I didn’t know hoomans could make rain but the world is full of surprises. They had been making that noise for sure, so that was that mystery solved. But then the amazing thing I meant to tell you about happened.

Hope went straight over to the hooman and put her paws into their lap and tucked her nose under their hand and pushed at it. And just like magic, the weird noise stopped and we could feel a change in the air. They picked up Hope and smiled, burying their face in her fur. Hope tucked her head into their shoulder and gave them a little ear-lick and that just completed the whole transformation cos a loud chuckle came out of the hooman’s mouth, and we know that is a really happy sound.

We all piled over then and climbed all over our hooman, covering them in protective positive puppy magic. Is this the best super power we have or what?

‘A puppy called Lockdown’ is an eight part series written and released during the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown 2020.

Each episode is released weekly during June and July 2020. Read the series on our blog here.

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