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Meet Dog Breeding volunteers Donna and Jeff Garratty from Staffordshire

Donna and Jeff Garratty from Staffordshire

Donna and her husband Jeff have been Dog Breeding volunteers for Canine Partners since 2019. It has been an amazing journey that has profoundly impacted their life.  

Jasmine, a five-year-old black Labrador, came into our life in October 2019. She’s a princess who knows her own mind, yet she’s calm, obedient, and a truly lovely girl. She exhibits a maternal instinct towards other dogs and is an integral part of our family and home-based business. 

Our decision to become a Dog Breeding volunteer was influenced by two significant reasons. Firstly, we had recently lost our own dog and volunteering felt like a legacy to our beloved companion. Secondly, my husband and I, without children of our own, had always been passionate about animals and wanted to do something positive. 

Volunteering for Canine Partners has transformed our lives. It has made us realise the tremendous effort that goes into preparing these dogs for a greater purpose. The investment of time, money, and energy is substantial, but the end goal of providing independence to someone is remarkable.  

Support from Canine Partners 

The support we’ve received from Canine Partners has been outstanding. The Breeding Team has been supportive not only during Jasmine’s pregnancy but also throughout the entire journey. Any reservations we initially had, such as the possibility of the dog being moved to another home, were dispelled by the unwavering support from the Canine Partners team. 

This role has taught us a great deal about dog health and care, even though we already had experience with dogs through our pet business. The training provided by Canine Partners is great and prepares you well for the responsibilities involved. The team have been brilliant at managing our emotions, which is crucial as it can be a rollercoaster of joy and challenges, but it is immensely rewarding. 

If you’re considering becoming a Dog Breeding volunteer for Canine Partners, we would urge you to think seriously about it. It’s not for the faint-hearted, as it requires a significant commitment to provide the right environment for these beautiful dogs. However, if you want the pleasure of having a wonderful dog with an incredible amount of support, it’s the right choice. It’s a long-term commitment, but it’s a fabulous and life-changing thing to do. 

Being a Dog Breeding volunteer has its highs and lows, but we wouldn’t change a thing. We are currently preparing for another litter and eagerly anticipate the joy and challenges it will bring. Choosing to volunteer for Canine Partners was a great decision, and the support we’ve received has been second to none. 

It’s a remarkable experience, knowing that the puppies we raise will go on to lead amazing lives as assistance dogs. It is truly amazing and heartwarming to see the relationship between the canine partners we have raised and the people they support. 

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