Bereavement support


We recognise that grieving for a canine partner can be a very difficult time. Grief can come in many different forms and can invoke a range of emotions. Alongside the supportive packs below, should you wish to gain further support we have identified some key external resources.

Please note: Our expert Bereavement Support Team have researched the links on this page to provide you with as much support as possible during this difficult time, however Canine Partners is not affiliated with the websites or associated companies.

Bereavement Support Packs

Please click the below to download a Bereavement Support Pack that is relevant to you. Printed versions are also available, please email for more information.


If your dog is retiring

We recognise that your canine partner retiring from their role can be a very difficult time.

Download ambiguous loss support pack


If a retired dog has died

We hope you are able to take comfort in knowing your canine partner had a wonderful retirement with you no matter how long or short that period may have been.

Download retired dog support pack


Anticipatory loss

Learning a dog you love so much has been given a terminal diagnosis is very challenging.

Download anticipatory loss support pack


Sudden loss

Losing your dog suddenly and unexpectedly can be overwhelming and such tragedies can leave you feeling shocked and confused.

Download sudden loss support pack


Other useful links

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Supporting children through grief

Below are some links on how you can help support children through grief:

Volcano: how to cope with difficult emotions so they don’t build up and erupt (via Child Bereavement UK)

Click here

Pet loss support for children (via Blue Cross)

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Need further support?

For further internal support from Canine Partners, please contact our specialist Bereavement Support Team on and a member of the team will be in touch.

Memorial Ideas

There are many special and creative options available for memorialising a dog that has retired or died. You might want to consider a personal option, a memorial at our training centre, or a combination of both.

Below, we have listed various ideas to help you get started on looking for options in your local area.

  • Jewellery

There are many options for memorial jewellery on the market these days. Some of your dog’s fur can be included in a bespoke piece of jewellery.

  • Paw Prints

A paw print of your dog can be used to create a memorial item in various mediums.

  • Plant a Tree or Rose Bush

A tree to remember your canine partner’s working life could be planted in your garden or possibly even at a place that you both used to visit. An online search might help to identify whether there is a rose bush or other flowering plant that shares the same name as your canine partner.

Other ideas include:

  • Plaques
  • Wind Chimes
  • Personalised hanging ornaments, Christmas tree ornaments and wooden hearts
  • A Memorial Frame
  • Name a star
  • Pet Crematoriums

There are many pet crematoriums around the UK and we recommend sourcing one from The Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria

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