Meet Els and Cedar

Hi, my name is Cedar and I am an eight-year-old Labrador x Golden Retriever boy. Apart from my looks (and my love of food) my mum says I very much have Golden Retriever traits.  I started my journey as a Canine Partner when I was 8 weeks old coming from the Guide Dog Breeding Programme. I found training to be an assistance dog a little high pressured and I also love being with people so much I found being on my own hard.

So this is where my career change came in. My handler, Els, was previously an advanced trainer but is currently an Aftercare Instructor and now also manages the Dog Ambassador Team itself. She rehomed me and we trained at my own pace with zero pressure and this really suited me. I am so eager to please and just want to get it right.

I love taskwork and I am told I am a bit of a class clown when I do demos. Lots of people can’t believe I am 8 as I show so much enthusiasm in what I do.

My favourite tasks are putting up the footplates on a wheelchair and taking a hat off because I get a cuddle in the process! When I am not raising awareness and raising vital funds at event my favourite thing to do is go for lovely walks where we live in the highlands of Scotland…. Even better if there a river to play in or snow. That’s my favourite!!

Els, my handler has been with the Charity for 10 years now and started as an Advanced Trainer before moving into Aftercare and managing the Dog Ambassador Team. Here’s a little something she has to say about me and the Charity.

After 10 years it still amazes me what our dogs can do. Whether that is emotionally or physically with some of the life changing taskwork they can offer. It is a privilege working within Aftercare and building relationships with our partners and dogs. I love problem solving and teaching a partnership a new task. Being able to be part of the Dog Ambassador Team is a real joy, I love feeling like I am able to give something back. Working with Cedar is a real honour, I feel incredibly proud and lucky to work with him. We love meeting people and sharing the message about our wonderful Charity.

I look forward to meeting you at our events and keep an eye out on our social media to see what I get up too 😊