Meet Angela and Fay

ello, my name is Fay and I am a yellow Labrador. I started my journey as a canine partner mum in our breeding programme and had two litters which resulted in nine puppies hoping to become future assistance dogs.

My handler Angela has been a volunteer for the charity for numerous years and was also a Puppy Parent volunteer to several canine partners in training – including my brother who now lives with us. Angela is very clever and has also been a Fundraising volunteer at lots of wonderful events: it is just the best when we get to do it as a team together!

Angela fundraises for one of my Canine Partners pups – I just love that we get to follow the journey of my daughter. Did you know you can sponsor a puppy too and follow their journey?

Sponsor a puppy

I love meeting people and telling them all about my role and what amazing work my puppies and other canine partners do and whilst doing this I get strokes and admired by all, not a bad life is it? I do love a snooze though, so you may find me catching 40 winks.

Look out for seeing us at a lot of community events in the Midlands and keep an eye out on our social media to see what I get up to!