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Canine Partners respects your personal information and will not sell or share your data with other organisations.

Canine Partners will never exchange or sell your information to another organisation for their own marketing purposes. As a Data Controller, Canine Partners will collect and use your personal information when you use or access our services, visit our website, or help with our income generating activities. We only collect and use personal information necessary to fund and deliver charitable services and to carry out our associated legitimate business purposes such as direct marketing, administration and financial control.  We will use your contact details and information on how you support or engage with us to provide information we think you will find interesting, and to personalise communications.

Based on the support you give, or the relationship you have with us, we will retain your personal information for a reasonable period of time.  For more details on how we use and retain your personal information, your data protection rights, or to contact us further, please refer to our full Privacy Policy.  To update your marketing preferences and how you hear from us, please tick below, or call us on 03456 580480.