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Our dogs are paw-sitively amazing and have the ability to change a disabled person’s life forever.

There are 14.1 million disabled people in the UK and so many could benefit from one of our life-changing dogs.


With your help, we can train more life-changing assistance dogs and help build a brighter future for more disabled people.



Please donate today and help us build a brighter future

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“Jordan has made my life so much easier, as well as so much happier. He is not just a dog, he is a partner, a best friend, someone I can rely on all the time no matter what.”

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Aimee and canine partner Jordan 


Help us grow the number of puppies and dogs in our specialist training programme, so we can help more people like Aimee build a brighter future with help of an amazing assistance dog, like Jordan.

We want more disabled people to have the support, companionship and confidence a canine partner gives.

Our highly trained, specialist assistance dogs help to make everyday tasks easier. They not only open doors, but open up a world of new opportunities.





Donate now and help build a brighter future for a disabled person

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