Reflection & Celebration by Ruth

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This is a poem written by one of our partners, Ruth, who was partnered with canine partner Delia (pictured) in June 2013.

Reflection & Celebration

The saying goes with the passing of time love grows stronger, can this be so

How  can I not know …

I reflect on the day a glossy black bundle and Canine Partners came bounding into my life leaving it forever changed

Reminiscing on those first awkward moments as we toiled and forged our bond

Her love like an anchor has grown steady, never faltering, staying dark days

Lifting, tugging, pulling, supporting, loving in so many ways

We are chastened; Never ask a lady her age #

But this muzzle now speckled with stardust revealing how the years have passed

Oh, how I thought this love would never last

So dear friends as we caress our 4 legged champions, arms please raise

Applaud 30 years of CP give them praise

For like the mighty Oak shooting forth growth & lending succor

We shelter under it’s canopy

No more left to wonder

For, Canine Partners is  – our family

Ruth – May 2020

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