A puppy called Lockdown: Episode 7

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Meet Lockdown, a puppy destined for great things.

We have something called a ‘routine’ now. After breakfast we are now getting taken outside straight away. They take us to a bit of the garden with little stones and they put us down so we can sniff around. Whenever we do what comes naturally after breakfast the hoomans get really excited and we get lots of praise which makes us feel all fuzzy and smiley. They then let us go and play in the other grassy bit of the garden and we have noticed how in the past week things have got a lot noisier and the air has smelt different.

The hoomans have been talking about  “going out in the car” and they keep looking over at us and today we discovered what that was all about. After our morning playtime and just as Zoom and I had cornered a particularly sneaky flutterby, our hoomans came and scooped us up. They gave a little ‘oomph’ and said that Zoom was getting a bit podgy. The hoomans do seem to have a funny addiction to our tummies and sometimes stick their noses right in and sniff. They don’t understand you really don’t have to get that close but, “whatever tickles your whiskers”, as Gin and Tonic would say.

Anyhow, we were taken through the side gate and round to the front of the house and they opened up the big door and there was the whooshy big metal machine that’s called a car. We know all these things now and feel very grown up. They took us over to it and opened up the back door. There was a lovely bed inside a cage and they popped Zoom and me in. It was nice that I had my brother with me cos it did feel a bit strange and I couldn’t for the life of me work out why they would want us to operate the car when we have perfectly good legs on each corner to get us where we need to go.

Well, next thing we knew, the door closed and we were shut in. Zoom and I sat very close to each other and we heard a deep rumble around us and we started to move. I tried to put my paws up to look out the window but lost my balance and figured that sitting down was much better. Zoom lay down on his tummy and dug his claws into the bed. After a few minutes of wobbling around we could see trees and things whizzing past when we looked up and just as we both started to feel a bit queasy the car slowed right down and stopped. A friendly hand reached in and a soothing voice told us we had done really, really well and much better than Gin and Tonic had on their turn. I did wonder about the smell in here. Not sure what to make of this new experience but it was nice to get home and we got lots and lots of cuddles and some special treats so it wasn’t all bad.

More playtime inside and then we settled down for another snooze. As dreams came and brought the flutterby back, my tail wagged all by itself.

‘A puppy called Lockdown’ is an eight part series written and released during the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown 2020.

Each episode is released weekly during June and July 2020. Read the series on our blog here.

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