A puppy called Lockdown: Episode 8

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Meet Lockdown, a puppy destined for great things.

I think you could say this has been an eventful week. Just as I was starting to get a bit fed up with sharing and all the arguments about toys and food and stuff there was a big change. The first of these was another short ride in the car for all of us and a visit to something called the VET. Well, the less said about that the better is all I can say. It was all over very quickly but I sure won’t be going back there in a hurry if I can help it. Nice treats after though.

The hoomans then started coming in and picking us up and cuddling us lots more and making sad little sounds. We did our best to use our positive puppy super powers on them but that seemed to make them even sadder for a bit before they started to chuckle again and we knew we’d done our job.

Then Mummy Faith sat us all down and told us that we had to be very brave ‘cos even though things were changing, some really good stuff was coming. So we believed her and waited.

And then yesterday Netflix, Click and Collect were taken out and they still hadn’t come back when night time came so we figured that’s what Mummy Faith meant. Gin and Tonic went this morning and made a big fuss but I’m sure they’ll be all right. Furlough didn’t even wake up when she went and that left just Hope, Zoom and me.

The three of us were rolling around together when the hoomans came in and there was some discussion that gave me a funny feeling in my tummy so I snuggled up to Zoom and after a little soft playtime we fell asleep. Zoom woke me up when he had a funny chasy dream and we kind of knew that we had to remember right now. I put my nose up to Zoom’s nose and we exchanged a silent puppy bond and sure enough, in a moment he was gone. My nose will always know him though and I’m sure I’ll see him again.

Hope and I sat quietly next to each other and I was glad that I’d been left with her ‘cos she always knows what to say.

And as I look about me now in my new home with a huge soft bed and the biggest teddy to snuggle up to that’s all my own and new hoomans who have gentle hands and soft voices and know how to play with me and give me time to sleep when I need to and even though it’s been a bit scary I’m not afraid to admit and everything smells different and the light and the noise around is strange,  I think I’ll like it here. And when I had a little wobble early this afternoon when I woke up and for a moment wondered where all my brothers and sisters were I remembered the words of my amazing sister Hope, who I now know for sure has a line of communication with some higher being. It was simple really, but it will help in the coming days and weeks I think.

She said…

Everything is going to be all right


‘A puppy called Lockdown’ is an eight part series written and released during the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown 2020.

Each episode is released weekly during June and July 2020. Read the series on our blog here.

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