30 benefits to volunteering for Canine Partners – Autumn Edition

Posted 2 weeks ago in the Volunteers and fundraisers category

We asked our volunteers why they love to volunteer for Canine Partners, and they gave us a very long list of fantastic reasons to get involved!

As it’s our 30th anniversary this year, here are 30 benefits of volunteering from our Canine Partners Community:

  • A feeling of pride
  • A sense of achievement
  • Practical volunteering experience
  • All training is given, with no experience necessary
  • A sense of satisfaction
  • Sociable atmosphere
  • Being a part of something special
  • An amazing experience
  • Constant and amazing support from the Canine Partners
  • Volunteers given support in all areas
  • Working with dogs that transform lives
  • Being part of a team
  • A great project in my retirement
  • Being part of a brilliant future and helping others
  • Learning
  • Excellent training skills
  • A magical experience
  • Having a puppy living with us is such a joy
  • A rewarding experience
  • The dogs are great healers
  • A fulfilling hobby
  • Brings joy
  • Helping to transform lives
  • Absolutely great
  • Contributing to ongoing development
  • Enormously rewarding
  • Having a dog around has really assisted with the loss of a family member
  • Enhanced my life immeasurably
  • Helping a charity we believe in
  • Exciting and rewarding

Find out more about volunteering for Canine Partners and the roles we have available, by visiting the volunteering page of our website here.

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