Applying for a canine partner

Canine Partners Director of Operations David Bailey posing with his dog

Due to an exceptionally high number of enquiries and a long waiting list, we have had to make the decision to prioritise the applicants currently on our list as well as existing partners and their needs for successor dogs. We are therefore not accepting new applications for canine partners as of 3rd January 2017.

Please keep checking our website for updates from the applications team in regards to when we will be able to start accepting new applications once more.

We do realise how disappointing this may be and we would like to assure you that the whole Canine Partners team is working hard to increase the numbers of dogs we can train in any given year.

If you would like to join that team effort despite us not being able to consider your application at this stage, we would love to hear from you. Between us we are determined to change more people’s lives.

David Bailey, Head of Operations

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